who are the Las Vegas Street Medics?

las vegas street medics

We are trained in street medicine including first aid, police tactics, and de-escalation.  Las Vegas Street Medics assist protesters at demonstrations, assist under-served people on the streets, organize, help with trainings including deescalation trainings, maintain materials and information, and answer questions, since 2017.

Street medics occupy a unique position as helpful, knowledgeable people who care enough to show up and do good, without being paid or much acknowledged!  We have expertise, attentiveness, and lend calm to any scene. 

We stay informed about police weapons, their tactics such as deceit and kettling, and general blue fuckery in order to help ourselves and others stay safer on the streets.

In Las Vegas, we have been known to hand out water to help hydrate demonstrators in desert dry heat, work in pairs, share supplies, lead trainings, speak at other groups’ trainings, talk to the press and students, dress wounds, and support demonstrators as they’re released from jail.  We also join forces with the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective to help people, together.

Please join us!  To be informed of our next training, please contact us